ANTIPODES DX, CX+EX, CX, EX, -  Music Integrated Digital Source

(HD Player 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, Streamer)!

The Best Audio

Rekomendējām jums mūsu labako pēc skaņas audio: 

Turntable Gold Note Giglio with t'arm B-

From €2900

Turntable Gold Note Pianosa with t'arm B

From €1990

Antipodes DX music server

From €4900

Tonearm SME series 309

From €1590

Turntable SME model 10

From €3390

Turntable SME Model 15

From €4490

Cartridge Kiseki MC Purple Hearth

From €1990

Cartridge Bluelectric MC Magic Diamond

From €4500

Preamplifier Audio Valve Eclipse

From €2990

Spec RSA-M3EX Integrated amplifier

From €4900

Leben CS-300X(S) integrated amplifier

From €2290

Leben CS600 integrated amplifier

From €3490

Sugden A21SE integrated amplifier

From €1890

Sugden phono amplifier PA-4

From €1490

Audio Valve, RKV Mark III headphone amp.

From €2590

ProAc DT8

From €1890

ProAc D20R

From €2390

ProAc Response D2 loudspeakers

From €1790


From €790

USB cable 1.0SP. Acoustic Revive.( Two-A

From €590

Chord Sarum T interconnects cables

From €1290

Chord Sarum T speakers cables

From €1990

ChordMusic RCA cable

From €2290

ChordMusic speakers cables

From €2690


From €14900

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