ANTIPODES CX+EX, CX, EX, -  Music Integrated Digital Source

(SSD1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB)!

The Best Audio

Rekomendējām jums mūsu labako pēc skaņas audio: 

SME model 15..

From €6990

Gold Note Giglio +B-5 tonearm...

From €3590

Turntable Pianosa + tonarm B 5.1.

From €1990

Antipodes CX, music server..

From €5490

Antipodes EX, music server..

From €3490

RCM Sensor 2 phono..

From €1990

Gold Note Phono PH-10..

From €1290

Sugden phono amplifier PA-4.

From €1490

Cartridge Kiseki MC - Purple Heart..

From €1990

ZYX Omega Ultimate-G/TB2..

From €2990

Cartridge Bluelectric MC Magic Diamond

From €5900

Metrum Adagio. DAC with preamp..

From €4990

Auralic Vega DAC..

From €1390

Audio Valve Eclipse preamplifier..

From €2990

Leben CS600 integrated amplifier

From €3990

Spec RSA-M3EX Integrated amplifier.

From €4990

Sugden A21SE integrated amplifier.

From €1890

Audio Valve, RKV Mark III headphone amp.

From €2590

Living Voice IBX-R3..

From €7900

ProAc D2 loudspeakers..

From €1990

ProAc DT8 loudspeakers..

From €1890

ProAc D20R loudspeakers..

From €2790

Acoustic Revive RPC-1.

From €1490

SPEC - RSP-901EX..

From €690

ChordMusic speakers cables..

From €3990

Acrolink power cable PC4030 Aniv.(EU)..

From €390

Acoustic Revive cab. USB-1.0SP-TripleC..

From €490

ChordMusic streaming cable...

From €2490

Sarum T power cable...

From €1390

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